What is The InterServ Foundation?

Established in 2006, the InterServ Foundation was created to support the current and future needs of InterServ by managing and developing assets acquired through bequests and the sale of property owned by InterServ. The Foundation operates at the direction of a 13 member Board of Directors, with three staff members for support. The Board is composed of 11 voting members, 2 of which are representatives of the InterServ Board, and 2 ex officio non-voting members (the InterServ Board President and the Executive Director). All members of the Foundation board assist in the development, planning, coordination and initiation of fundraising events and activities that benefit the annual and long-term goals of InterServ collectively and in task-oriented sub-committees.


Strategic Direction

The major focus for the Foundation board is to fully operationalize the Foundation over the three years to accomplish its central and worthy goal of growing the assets to perpetuate the mission and vision of InterServ. 
This focus and investment in the InterServ Foundation’s organizational development 2010-2013 is to build the capacity of the organization in order to accomplish the following objectives:


Develop processes and activities that grow the donor base and leads to the growth of InterServ endowment- “Other Funds”- from annual, targeted and planned (end-of-life) giving;


The planning and framework for a capital campaign (including the offering of tax credits for construction and operations);


The ability to submit and secure significant* grant opportunities (*multi-year w/grant awards of $75k+);


Identify and initiate specific appeals to targeted donor base (i.e. chronic homeless, hunger, immigration, youth at-risk).


The Foundation Staff


Executive Director

Brett King


Associate Director



Communications Manager

Stacy Bollmeyer



Nicole Richey






Building InterServ