Why Give?

Your gift to ensures the children, youth and seniors of St. Joseph and Northwest Missouri – regardless of economics have access to -– basic needs – a variety of programs that support human rights, counter the effects of poverty and engage those in need through faith.


Your Gift will...

  • Enhance our ability to provide services to a variety of different community needs;
  • Help InterServ define, develop and comprehensively improve the qualifty of service;
  • Transform the lives of those who walk through our doors in their time of need!


Our Vision

All life is sacred, a reflection of God.Our interactions must give dignity to all human beings.


We are all part of the human family and we are connected to a world community.


Every person is blessed with talents and we are called to share those talents to improve the world.


All persons need the opportunity to participate in society to see their value and ability in building up the human family.


The earth and its resources are a gift from God and we are responsible for being good stewards and sharing those resources.


God’s presence is revealed to us through our relationship with the poor and vulnerable.